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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Yammer and SLACK are two different technologies that we use for communication within ORGANIZATION / COMMIUNITY. Though Yammer is OLDER than Slack, we can see many similarities between these 2 products.
In simple terms “Yammer is “the enterprise social network”, and Slack is “a messaging app for teams”.
First we can identify similarities,
1)     Private message between members of the company
2)     Can create sub communities (GROUPS in YAMMER / CHANNELS in SLACK)
3)     Can share images/ videos
4)     Can join new groups / can lock
5)     Can integrate with other APIs
6)     Mobile APPS available
Yammer is,
1)     Enterprise Social Network
2)     Facebook for your company
3)     Can share posts
4)     Can follow / LIKE
5)     Can start conversations
6)     Consume information @ leisure
7)     Can use non-essential information, with interest
8)     Always having suggestions
9)     Suited for higher number of employees

1)     Made for messaging only
2)     Get direct attention to message
3)     Messages creating under one section (Topic)
4)     Alerting immediately
5)     Essential information only
6)     Powerful SEARCH includes messages / conversations / content of documents
7)     Suited fro SMS

We have to decide the exact requirement and choose the correct technology.

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