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Friday, August 5, 2016

How to Solve the issue of "SharePoint Search Service is Stopped"

SharePoint Search is a critical Service, which needs to up and running for many things. If the Search is in PAUSED status, then we can't do a crawl.

First We have to verify All the necessary SERVICES are up and running. 
Then we have to make sure the account has permission to run a CRAWL.
Also we have to verify the Alternative Access Mapping is set.
If we cant resolve the issue, then have a look of EVENT VIEWER.

There we can see the "Content Plugin can not be initialized" error message. It makes little interesting and I had a look of SEARCH TOPOLOGY.
Then it shows as "Unable to Retrieve Topology Component". Then we can assume PERMISSION issue somewhere.

Then I have found that the Service called "Windows Service - Search Host Controller Service".
That Account is responsible of working with NODE RUNNER and setting up the SharePoint farm topology. So that account needs LOCAL ADMIN privileges. After I have set the PERMISSION for the account,
The Topology Starts working and fine. It displayed all the COMPONENTS correctly with GREEN color.
Then I was able to see CRAWLING options in front of CONTENT SOURCES.


 It makes all other related issues sorted and works fine.

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