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Friday, August 5, 2016

How to Solve the issue of "SharePoint Search Service is Stopped"

SharePoint Search is a critical Service, which needs to up and running for many things. If the Search is in PAUSED status, then we can't do a crawl.

First We have to verify All the necessary SERVICES are up and running. 
Then we have to make sure the account has permission to run a CRAWL.
Also we have to verify the Alternative Access Mapping is set.
If we cant resolve the issue, then have a look of EVENT VIEWER.

There we can see the "Content Plugin can not be initialized" error message. It makes little interesting and I had a look of SEARCH TOPOLOGY.
Then it shows as "Unable to Retrieve Topology Component". Then we can assume PERMISSION issue somewhere.

Then I have found that the Service called "Windows Service - Search Host Controller Service".
That Account is responsible of working with NODE RUNNER and setting up the SharePoint farm topology. So that account needs LOCAL ADMIN privileges. After I have set the PERMISSION for the account,
The Topology Starts working and fine. It displayed all the COMPONENTS correctly with GREEN color.
Then I was able to see CRAWLING options in front of CONTENT SOURCES.


 It makes all other related issues sorted and works fine.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Workflow Initiation is Failing on SharePoint Farm and Solution

My SharePoint farm was integrated with Workflow Service and worked fine till a restart.
All of sudden it failed to start new workflows. Then I tried to start a WF manually.
Still It failed.

Then I have opened the "Workflow Manager Powershell" and tried to get the current status of the WF farm. (get-WFfarmStatus)
Surprisingly, the WorkflowServiceFrontEnd service was stopped.
With commands we cant start the WorkflowServiceFrontEnd.

First we have to STOP Backend service using,
net stop WorkflowServiceBackend
Then We have to START the Backend Service using,
net start WorkflowServiceBackend

Now we can check the STATUS again,
Both Services are RUNNING smoothly.
Now we can start Workflows.

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