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Friday, November 20, 2015

SQL Server Management Studio is Missing (SSMS.exe) in Clustered SQL Farm

After we install SQL Server 2012 including Management Studio Tools, and trying to connect to a SQL server we are getting a surprising ERROR. Here SSMS.EXE means SQL Server Management Studio.

"The application has failed to start because of side-by-side configuration is incorrect".
As expected the executable  of Management Studio is missing. So we have to go to physical folder where we install SQL Server.
As Expected we can see a few DLLs files resides in ManagementStudio folder. There should be a mismatch in DLLs to get this error. Because of that. If we install Management Studio EXE only, it wont work. So we have Open SQL Installer.
Then We have to Select REPAIR Option Under MAINTENANCE.
The other important thing is, we have Select "REPAIR SHARED FEATURES ONLY" if you have Clustered SQL Environment.
After the Installation is completed, we can see Management Studio is repaired. We can see few more DLLs in the ManagementStudio folder.
Now We can open "SQL Server Management Studio" properly.

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