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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Set Priority for a SQL Instance in a Failover Cluster Manager

After we set up a SQL Cluster with all the NODES and INSTANCES(Roles), In a Fail-over scenario the Instance will be move to "Best Possible NODE". In an environment that we have 3++ NODES, can we set the ORDER to fail-over for an INSTANCE?

When we select the relevant INSTANCE, we can see the "Preferred Owners = Any Node" in the panel. That means in a fail-over it will be moved to best possible node (after considering available resources). If we want to change it, CLICK "Any Node" link button.
We will get a pop-up and there we can see all the available NODEs. They are in the default Order (ie:- Node1, Node2, Node3)
First we have to change the ORDER using UP button, until we are getting most necessary NODE to the TOP. 

After we set the ORDER we have TICK the necessary NODES to make them available for Fail-over. If not these changes wont be get effected. We have set the HIGHEST PRIORITY for NODE-3. 

*** Since all other INSTANCES also running in NODE-3, if we select 'Best Possible Node', by default the INSTANCE-1 Should move to NODE-1.(Because Node-1 is not having any running Instance)

But after we set the Priority, the "Best Possible Node" will be the highest priority node.
That means though Node-1 is idle, the INSTANCE-1 has moved to NODE-3 from NODE-2. Also we can see the "Preferred Owners=User Settings" in bottom of the panel.
This is a  cool feature that comes with Fail-Over Cluster Manager.

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