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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Add and Remove Nodes from a SQL Cluster and Move Instances

After we set up the Windows cluster we need to add / remove nodes with different requirements. First we have to open "Windows Cluster Manager"
We can see all 3 Nodes in the Panel. If we want to remove NODE3 from the server, we need to run a small power-shell script.

We have to specify, "remove-clusternode [servernodename]"
After  the execution we can see the 3rd Node is not available in the Cluster Manager.
When we want to add a NODE, it is also simple. After we open the "Windows Cluster Manager", we can see "Add Node" option in right panel.
There we have specify the Server - Node name and ADD option. After the execution we can see new NODE has been added to Cluster Manager.
If we want to Move an Instance (Role) , we can choose either "Best Possible Node" or "Select Node" option. For that we have to RIGHT Click on the necessary ROLE. In the pop-up we can see available running possible NODES.

We can select necessary Node to swift the INSTANCE.
If we disable (make offline) any NODE using cluster Manager,
When we try to Move a NODE, we will wont get that option in the POP-UP window.

Like wise we can Move Roles (Instances) between NODEs.

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