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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

View Health / Usage Reports in SharePoint 2013

We can get full detail of Usage within SharePoint Farm.
First we have to enable Logging in Central Administration

Set "Least critical event to report to the event log" as VERBOSE
Set "Least critical event to report to the trace log " as VERBOSE.
All the usage data will be tracked in the farm.

Then go to CA --> Monitoring --> View Health Reports

There we can see "SLOWEST PAGES" section. We can set the FARM and Web Application. When we click GO, it displays an error.

 The error explains the error regarding Database status.

We have to open Database "WSS_Logging". The we have to find the Stored Procedure mapped with the error.

We have to Modify the Stored Procedure. There we have to comment the "WITH (READPAST)" text. 

The Execute it.

Now we can run the report. We can see the full data with Slowest Page URLs and number of requests.

We have to wait some time to get real time data, mainly till the SharePoint timer job runs and collect the data.

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