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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SharePoint 2010 User Profile Sync

                  1. We have to create user profile connection in central administration
                                             2.Populate data from AD
 3.Restart User Profile Synchronization service 

4. Edit User Property (Picture property) 

5. Map with AD property (ThumbnailPhoto)

6. Start the User Profile SYNC
7.Run the powershell command
"Update-SPProfilePhotoStore -CreateThumbnailsForImportedPhotos 1 -MySiteHostLocation http://SharePoint-T02/my"

8.Verify Images in "http://Intranet/my/User Photos/"

Now AD user images should display in Mysite of all users.

NB:- SharePoint 2010 should be updated with SP1 to get the images from to SharePoint

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