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Monday, April 11, 2011

Configure Drop-off Library in SharePoint 2010

Sometimes we need to have a common place to upload documents by a clerk & store data in correct data repository without his/her intervention. we can have a "Drop Off Library" and created "Rule", then documents will be stored relevant document library. we don't have to give permission for different users to upload documents to different libraries. It is with SharePoint 2010 :)

Finally we can see, the uploaded document is stored in "SDB Quotations" library. No copy is maintained in "Drop Off Library" . It is simple :)

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Seema Thakur said...

Hi, I have created a Content Organizer rule for DocumentSet and its working fine and files are added to "Drop Off Library" as a .zip folder for DocumentSet. This works fine when adding the documents manually. But, when am trying to add documents to "Drop Off Library" programatically using documentSet.Export(); and DocumentSet.Import() methods. This is not creating the .zip file. Please let me know how can we move documentSet from one document library to other as .zipfile...

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