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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Services in SharePoint 2010

(1)   Access services
(2)   Business data connectivity
(3)   Excel services application
(4)   Search service application
(5)   State service
(6)   Usage & health data collection
(7)   User profile service application
(8)   Visio graphics service
(9)   Web analytics service application
(10) Word automation service
The new services are in GREEN

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best Practices in SharePoint Development

  1. When user creates a Webpart the UserControl should be placed in ~/ControlTeamplates folder
  2. To identify SharePoint content within VS 2010
    1. Server Explorer à SharePoint Data Connections à Lists, Tasks, Calendar        
  3. To add a workflow feature
    1. Template/1033/Workflows (can do using VS 2010 navigation)
  4. After create a feature
    1. Rename chanaka.wsp as chanaka.wsp.cab
    2. Open as zip file
    3. Check about automatically created,
      1. Public key
      2. Solution id
      3. Feature id
  5. When want to add Images to SharePoint portal
    1. Right click on solution VS 2010 server explorer
    2. Add à Sharepoint "Images" Mapped Folder
    3. It will be placed in (14 hive) SharePoint root à TemplateàImages
  6. When we add a SPI (SharePoint Project Item) it will creates (Eg:- A Webpart name as chanaka)
    1. Element.xml (List ID, URL, Property Name, Webpart group)
    2. Chanaka.webpart (Name / Description)
    3. Chanaka.feature (Better to set Scope = "Site" )
      1. New UI in VS 2010 to work with
        1. Manifest.xml
        2. Dependencies
        3. SPI View
      2. Connect as a Event Receiver
        1. Right click on feature name in VS
        2. Add a Event Receiver
        3. Write the logic in one of event (Eg:- Feature Activated)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Visual Studio 2010 with SharePoint Development

When talking about SharePoint 2007 with Visual Studio 2008 we had tedious process to do development in sharepoint.

  1. No direct way to do "Debugging"
  2. Had to attach W3WP.exe process manually
  3. Had to copy images / usercontrols to 12 hive manually
  4. Had to add safe control entries in web.config manually

But all & all now we have marriage of SharePoint 2010 with Visual studio 2010.

  1. Specific SharePoint templates & SharePoint items
    1. Project includes separate properties & assemblies sections same as normal VS project
    2. Items can be categorized into
      1. Features (It comes with design mode, XML definition and activation)
      2. Packages (It comes with design mode, XML definition)
  2. Migration tools
  3. SharePoint explorer (Also we can use "Mapped Folder" concept directly with 12 hive)
  4. Direct debugging
  5. One click deployment
    1. Default (have to activate manually)
    2. No activation

What it does when we press F5 (in a SharePoint project)

  1. Builds a new assembly
  2. Packages project into .WSP file
  3. Deactivate/ Uninstall feature (if installed before)
  4. Delete old .WSP file
  5. IIS Reset
  6. Deploy new .WSP file
  7. Activate feature (Using site URL that we given when creating SharePoint project)
Attach debugger to W3WP.exe

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