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Thursday, August 12, 2010

SQL Server Reporting Services Expressions

Table Row Visibility by value
=iif(Fields!PctQuota.Value>.9, False, True)

Field Visibility when data is null

=iif(Fields!vendorSolicitor.Value Is Nothing, True, False)

Set Data Field Values
=iif(Fields!ExchangeDate.Value Is Nothing,"",FormatDateTime(Fields!ExchangeDate.Value ,2))

    Fields!PropertyCategory.Value="N" and sum(Fields!newHouseCount.Value) > 0, sum(Fields!newHouseCount.Value),
    Fields!PropertyCategory.Value="E" and sum(Fields!estHouseCount.Value) > 0, sum(Fields!estHouseCount.Value)

Format date
=iif(Fields!ExchangeDate.Value Is Nothing,"",FormatDateTime(Fields!ExchangeDate.Value ,2))

Format Decimal values(Drop decimal places than rounding)

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