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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sharepoint 2010 New Features / Enhancements

With Sharepoint 2010 we are getting few new features as well as many enhancements.
(1) Development & deployement enhancements
          Creation of Webparts using VS 2010
          Easy deployment of features
(2) Administration interface & user experience
          User friendly Central Admin Interface
          Ajax enabled pages
          Modal Popup & less  postbacks
          Ribbon interface 

(3) Performance management
          More templates
          Easy Search
          Easy SSP (Shared Services Providers)
          Database backup & restore
          Performance analyzing

Also we are getting new features in differen layers

Data Modules                 --  Data fetch from External Lists
Server API's                     --  LING
Connected Client API's   --  REST
Pages & UI              --  Silverlight

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