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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sharepoint 2010 New Features / Enhancements

With Sharepoint 2010 we are getting few new features as well as many enhancements.
(1) Development & deployement enhancements
          Creation of Webparts using VS 2010
          Easy deployment of features
(2) Administration interface & user experience
          User friendly Central Admin Interface
          Ajax enabled pages
          Modal Popup & less  postbacks
          Ribbon interface 

(3) Performance management
          More templates
          Easy Search
          Easy SSP (Shared Services Providers)
          Database backup & restore
          Performance analyzing

Also we are getting new features in differen layers

Data Modules                 --  Data fetch from External Lists
Server API's                     --  LING
Connected Client API's   --  REST
Pages & UI              --  Silverlight

Thursday, August 12, 2010

SQL Server Reporting Services Expressions

Table Row Visibility by value
=iif(Fields!PctQuota.Value>.9, False, True)

Field Visibility when data is null

=iif(Fields!vendorSolicitor.Value Is Nothing, True, False)

Set Data Field Values
=iif(Fields!ExchangeDate.Value Is Nothing,"",FormatDateTime(Fields!ExchangeDate.Value ,2))

    Fields!PropertyCategory.Value="N" and sum(Fields!newHouseCount.Value) > 0, sum(Fields!newHouseCount.Value),
    Fields!PropertyCategory.Value="E" and sum(Fields!estHouseCount.Value) > 0, sum(Fields!estHouseCount.Value)

Format date
=iif(Fields!ExchangeDate.Value Is Nothing,"",FormatDateTime(Fields!ExchangeDate.Value ,2))

Format Decimal values(Drop decimal places than rounding)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Site Navigation using Tree View

Drop Tree View Control Form Navigation Tab

Bind Data Source Type to Tree View (Add "Site Map" source)

Add New Item --> Add "SiteMap" from VS templates (extension will be test.sitemap)

Add pages and title of pages to show on Tree View in "test.sitemap"

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