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Thursday, July 8, 2010

TFS Burndown report does not show data - Solution

Burndown report show empty data

Open Report in Excel in Edit Mode, Allow Data populate set as "trust data connection" in excel

Click on the pivot table data area, then see right side column, see that "Row Labels" box is empty

Drag & drop "Last 4 weeks" from Date--> Sets --> "Last 4 weeks" 
Row Labels (This box use to show horizontal bar information in your graph)


Then Save the excel sheet. You will get data in your Burndown report when you refresh your page. J



RAHUL said...

hi can you please Tell me how we can find the burndown chart in sharepoint 2010 site created from TFS 2010 .
I have successfully integrated TFS with SharePoint and I am Unable to find any Burndowns in that website remaining tasks,workitems everything is displaying

Chanaka said...

You can open VS 2010 --> in right hand side you can see "Reports" section, then right click and select "View in browser". Otherwise go to "Reports" section in TFS portal.

Britney said...

can someone please help me out how to
"Allow Data populate set as "trust data connection" in excel" ?

im using excel 2010
Thanks alot for you help!

Miss.Juddy Hawks said...

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DevRabbit IT Solutions Inc. said...

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