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Friday, May 21, 2010

Upgrade from TFS 2010 RC to RTM

TFS Upgrade Summary Steps

1. Ensure you have a backup of existing SQL databases (TFS, SharePoint and Reporting)
2. Uninstall Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta2/RC components (in-place upgrade)
• Use Add/Remove programs from Control Panel to uninstall TFS Components via "Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010"
• Select "Uninstall" to remove all TFS components from each server where Beta2/RC is installed
• NOTE: You may see a program in the Control Panel called "Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 Object Model". This is an object model used by products connecting to TFS (e.g. Visual Studio and Team Lab). This component will be uninstalled or updated by the installation program for those products. You should not uninstall this component during the TFS 2010 upgrade process.

3. If using a separate SharePoint farm uninstall TFS 2010 Beta2/RC extensions and install TFS 2010 RTM extensions.
4. Run the TFS 2010 setup and select the Upgrade from Previous Version Wizard and complete the wizard.

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