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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Celebrating 2 years as a software engineer

It's the time to celebrate something in this life.
Work on irregular hours, weekends & night time took me to 2 years in this long career life.

When turn back of last 2 years
I was a guru in sharepoint.
Did well in WF,Reporting & TFS.
Touch areas like Infopath,Webservices & Remoting.

Hope to work on WCF,Silverlight in coming year.
It is always good to remind that i helped a lot to others &
make good contact with Gurus like prasanna,joy,dinesh,prabath,buddhima.

Did well in free lance projects on sharepoint & got big reputation.

So it was a hard working 2 years with great commitment.
Hope to do something different in future. :)

"It is better to be the first in the loosing team than the last in the winning team".

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