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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sharepoint 2010 Overview

It's time to have a look new features that we want in sharepoint !!!

  1. Look & Feel (Ribbon Control)
  2. Multi document Checkout + avoid from post backs
  3. Nice pop-up windows than response.redirects J
  4. Direct uploading & showing images from your computer to sharepoint
  5. SilverLight webpart
  6. Nice themes like "PowePoint Theme"
  7. Visio services running with sharepoint services (Visio is not necessary)
  8. Fully rich Sharepoint Designer
  9. Entities to connect SQL,LOB with Edit/Delete functions (OOB)
  10. Direct connect to the office tools like Office 2010 with a click J

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Prasanna said...

Its all 64 Bit, might need to highlight that :)

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