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Friday, October 10, 2008

Create A Web Application Using Commands

Here you have to download the Extension of the STSADM + Have to deploy the solution to the farm........
Because the
gl-createwebapp is a new feature!!!!!

stsadm -o gl-createwebapp
-url "http://testwebapp"
-directory "c:\moss\webs\testwebapp"
-port 80
-ownerlogin "domain\user1"
-owneremail "someone@example.com"
-databasename "SharePoint_TestWebApp"
-sitetemplate "SPS#0"
-description "SharePoint_TestWebApp_80"
-sethostheader testwebapp -apidname "AppPool1"
-apidtype configurableid
-apidlogin "domain\user2"
-apidpwd "password" -timezone 10

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