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Monday, September 29, 2008

VSTS 2010 your ultimate tool

Today i had a chance to look about the VSTS 2010....
It's going to be the next revolution in the programming world....

It will be consists of
(1) Discover and identify existing code assets and architecture with the new Architecture Explorer.
(2) Design and share multiple diagram types, including use case, activity and sequence diagrams.
(3) Improve testing efforts with tooling for better documentation of test scenarios and more thorough collection of test data.
(4) Identify and run only the tests impacted by a code change easily with the new Test Impact View.
(5) Enhanced version control capabilities including gated check-in, branch visualization and build workflow.

There will be so many features...
The best chance that you are getting with the VSTS is, it manage all the things from the design phase to the deployment phase...
be ready with new VSTS 2010

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